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The Menjangan – the ultimate hideaway

Both, To get to The Menjangan which was our next destination we travelled to the north west side of Bali. The Accommodation is located in the West Bali National Park called Bali Barat National Park. Depending on the road you take it is more or less a four to five hour car ride from Seminyak. Beside the great experience of the nature I’ve read lots of nice things about this part of the island in my travel guide. I was totally excited to explore and experience it together with my boyfriend! It seemed to be the perfect destination to reconnect myself with nature. And if you like to get away from the crowd The Menjangan will give you absolute freedom!

Actually the distance on the map may only showed a little over a 100 km. Bali’s traffic however  will slow you down for sure! As you’ll find there only one-way streets, occupied by scooter cars and merchants.

We decided to get on this new adventure and crossed the whole island for it. We regularly made stops along the way with our private driver to take some photos because the scenery was absolutely breath-taking. Just take your time and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. You will pass huge rice fields, lots of temples, breath-taking valleys and the Buyan lake with its temple and stunning panoramic views. Make sure you have your camera ready to take some great pictures!

The Menjangan holds 27 spacious bungalows. 7 of them are located at the beach and 20 in the middle of the jungle. Furthermore you have the possibility to enjoy your meals in two different restaurants. Tanning is possible on two separate beaches. Last but not least The Menjangan owns aswell a diving school, a spa and a horse riding center. I my eyes this hideaway is an unique piece of Mother Nature on the island of Bali.

the pool of the monsoon lodge

feeling free. dress – morrisday the label

What I loved most was the panoramic window in our deluxe room in the Monsoon Lodge! You get the feeling like your living and sleeping IN the jungle! Right there where monkeys cross your paths, birds whistle beautiful melodies and deers chewing whatever they find amongst them.
 Everyone’s living Life in matching tunes without disturbing one another. That’s what I call privacy and being on your own in a relaxed and comfortable ambience.

can you see the money over there? 😛

The hospitality is perfect. If you’d like to go to the beach, divingcenter or to the restaurant the resort offers safari buggies driving you on a bumby way to any place you wish. They’re available for any time of the day. Just order them from your room, the reception or wherever you are at that moment.
Sitting on top of these “cars” was really funny! But please be sure to put all your belongings into your bag! Otherwise you’ll be in danger of loosing them on that ride…
Above all it was nice to feel the fresh wind on your skin as the temperature and the sun are always quite strong.
It was a pleasure! We felt like we were on a real safari but driving to our next station for a cold and fruity smoothie! 😀

safari car

ready to catch the wildlife. dress – morrisday the label

Lots of different activities are organised by The Menjangan . For example trekking and biking as well as horse riding and canooing.  Diving and snorkeling are very popular here in the west of Bali. Here you’ll find one of the best coral reefs of the whole island.
Additionally if you prefer snorkeling and diving with a guide there’s also a boat leaving every morning to the island of Menjangan.

If you need a day off from everything The Menjangan owns as well two beautiful beaches and a spa where you can relax during the whole day if you’re not into doing any activities…  😉

that’s what I call bareakfast-with-a-view!

Last but not least enjoy the stunning view over the entire jungle after climbing up all the way to the fifth floor of the resort’s Bali Tower. Watching the sunset from there is simply breath-taking. The feeling you get while you’re standing up there leaves you speechless!

one of the most beautiful dinner places I’ve ever seen! dress – band of gypsies

view from the Bali Tower. dress – band of gypsies

cheers to this hidden paradise! watch – KERBHOLZ

watch – KERBHOLZ

lounge at the Bali Tower’s fourth floor

view from the Bali Tower and my love

view from the Bali Tower. dress – band of gypsies

view from the Bali Tower. dress – band of gypsies

sun bed in front of the room. dress – NAKD


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