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What’s better than spending some time at a luxurious spa with the one you love? We were totally happy when we knew we’ll experience The Amala Spa for a 90 minute full body massage. Yes – we did get a lot of massages whilst we were in Bali and now that I am back in Switzerland I miss them so much! Anyway, the massage there was amazing! Now, let me introduce you to The Amala Spa.

Before the massage we enjoyed a delicious lunch from a selection of healthy menu at The Bamboo Restaurant! For the starters we had a golden gazpacho soup with mango and a healthy and organic quinoa salad. Our mains were both couscous topped with sautéed chicken and vegetables – totally delicious! For dessert my boyfriend tried the crème brûlée whilst I had my traditional fresh fruit platter.

freshly made quinoa salad

delicious golden (mango) gazpacho

poached chicken with some veggies on couscous

When it comes to their offer in relaxation and health packages, the Amala Spa beats everything! For example they have reiki, acupuncture and Tibetan bowl music therapy. But our decision went for a good old Balinese Massage – definitely the right thing for us! <3

While they work mainly with organic products they also focus on ancient Asian medicine and Western holistic philosophies.

First we went to one of their beauitiful villas. There, the two masseuses gave us some time to change our clothes into bathrobes and left the room for our privacy. As soon as we were done, they came back and the therapy began.
To start our wonderful expirience we got a refreshing mocktail. Then  before our feet got cleaned and scrubbed. After that it was time for us to lay down on the massage table and enjoy the great work they’ve done. The friendly massage ladies were real experts and knew what they were doing! After the therapy all of our sore spots and the pain in our backs (from exploring beautiful Bali) disappeared. We were released from pain, thanks to the experts!

Spa Essentials


gorgeous bath tub

The whole treatment was really lovely! We can only recommend it and couldn’t be more happy or relaxed as we finished the balinese massage and left The Amala Spa. It’s a must for everybody who’s  – like us – addicted to treatments which fulfill your soul and supply your body with new energy! We are now ready for more Bali – thank you!

sippin’ on my beloved watermelon juice

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