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Carnevale di Venezia 2016

My mommy is Italian. Her father came from Padua and her mother from Venice, where she lived the first few years of her life. From time to time they moved to Switzerland. In the past time we visited Venice a few times but never got the chance to participate at the carnival. This year, her childhood dream got real!

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some days in HAMBURG

Hey there!

I’m really sorry for not being so active the last few weeks. I had some really important tests for school. But one week ago on Wednesday I wrote the last one in the morning and went for a break to Hamburg, Germany in the afternoon.

I travelled with a little group from the Lions Club Baden and my family. We stayed in the hotel called Hotel Hafen Hamburg. From there it took us only five minutes to the port of Hamburg.


On the first morning of our little trip we made a little bus-tour through the port and through the thousands of containers. In the afternoon we went on a boat to Blankenese which is a district full of stairs! But as soon as you reached the top of it, you got an amazing view  over all the beautiful white houses and over the river Elbe.

Friday morning we had the privilege to get a private guided tour trough the Elbphilharmonie! For all those who never heard about it before (including me :P) : It’s a huge building made out of glass which is going to be the highest of Hamburg (110 meters high). The conceptual design of the windows and of the roof is reeeeeaally complicated – belive me! As they started to build it in 2007 they planned the finish costs about 80 millions and should have been complete it in 2013. Now the costs stay more or less at 790 millions and the new expected date for opening is in spring of 2017! A hotel, three concert halls and some appartements will be placed into this incredible “house”!


The Elbphilharmonie from the outside..


…and from the inside (out of a future appartement!)

In the afternoon we got finally some time for shopping :D! I found my new beloved Timbis and new summer shorts.


shoes: Timberland
shorts: Scotch & Soda

At eight o’clock in the evening the musical called Phantom of the Opera started. I didn’t like it that much because the style of music wasn’t one of my favorites.. Instead of this I can really recommend the musical The Lion King! I saw it some years ago also in Hamburg and could watch it over and over again!

Saturday morning we made a little boat tour (Fleetenfahrt). Did you know that Hamburg has got more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice together?!

In the afternoon we visited the Karolinen-district. There we went trough a really big bric-a-brac market and walked down the market-street. There we found some really funny stores! Like the shop called Hot Dogs! There you will find old original stuff which is 15 to 70 years old! I think we stayed inthere like over an hour.. we always found some new interesting things haha

my shopping snack 😛

In one of the other stores I found a new friend – he’s called Whisky but don’t take this wrong!! Whisky is a nine months old beagle. I played the whole time with him while my parents tried some clothes on 😛


baby Whisky and me

On Sunday we had to say goodbye to this amazing city, but we’ll see us soon Hamburg – pinky promise!


What are your experiences from Hamburg?


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