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Acai and Smoothie Bowls

Hi there!

After I posted another homemade smoothie bowl on Instagram I got asked a lot about my recipe. Questions like what kind of fruits do you put inside? How do you get that creamy texture? and so on..

So I decided to ask you guys via Instastory if you’d be interested in a new blog post about how I make my Acai and Smoothie Bowls. And the result was clear! 85% want to know it!

So here we go (:

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mymuesli and yoghurt smoothies

Hi peeps!

During summer Starbucks was selling a Mango Maracuja Yoghurt Frappuccino. From my first sip on I totally fell in love and tried to copy it at home. ((:

I took half of a fresh mango, a vanilla yoghurt,  two tea spoons of the passion fruit sirup and a hand full of ice cubes. Mixed it well and got a delicious selfmade slushie! Last Saturday I made it again but without the ice cubes. So I just prepared a selfmade flavored yoghurt and added some granola of my own mixture from mymuesli.

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