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City Trip to Berlin

At the moment I have 8’565 pictures on my camera roll. Definitely not a small amount.. Therefore it is no wonder that many holiday and citytrip pictures get lost in the mass of selfies, inspirational quotes and other semi interesting iPhone footage. Whilst I was scrolling through my pictures the other day I discovered that I still got some snapshots from Berlin that I haven’t shared with you yet. So here we go: our citytrip to Berlin through my iPhone 6 lense. Enjoy!

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mymuesli and yoghurt smoothies

Hi peeps!

During summer Starbucks was selling a Mango Maracuja Yoghurt Frappuccino. From my first sip on I totally fell in love and tried to copy it at home. ((:

I took half of a fresh mango, a vanilla yoghurt,  two tea spoons of the passion fruit sirup and a hand full of ice cubes. Mixed it well and got a delicious selfmade slushie! Last Saturday I made it again but without the ice cubes. So I just prepared a selfmade flavored yoghurt and added some granola of my own mixture from mymuesli.

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exchange in Montpellier, France

Hi guys! <3

Since Friday I’m back home from my stay in Montpellier. That’s a really cool student city in the south of France which we visited for two weeks..
I was there with my whole school from Switzerland. We stayed in pairs at a host family. Some of us were really lucky.. others not really & changed their place. Deborah and I felt quite well at our host family because four other students lived aswell with us and our host-mum was really nice.. That made it quite funny and interesting while we were together for breakfast and dinner and sometimes when we go out in the night.

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mvmt watches

move with your MVMT

I look forward, because looking back only sets you back…” -Unknown

Hy lovelies!

Today I want to show you my new watch from the MVMT. I had the chance to choose one of all their beauties!
My decision went to this gold-leather watch. I really love the color of this dial! The pearl-shimmer makes it really elegant but still sporty with the leather-band.
So I combined it with one of my favorite blouses, light blue jeans and some matching golden jewelry.

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