Summer Holidays in Greece

Hi peeps

During this summer we had a lot of hot days which is really unusual for Switzerland.. But since two weeks the weather sucks again. It’s cold, cloudy and rainy the whole time..
Autumn is here.. and with that, all the cozy sweaters, tights and jackets can get unpacked!
But before this is going to happen I thought it would be a good time to write about my relaxing summer holidays which I spent with my family in Chalkidiki, Greece.

Early in the morning we drove to the airport. While we were waiting for the departure we joined a breathtaking sunrise.


After all of us had our luggage we got picked up by the hotel-shuttle. Then we had to drive another two hours (after the three hours flight) to our hotel…
That’s one thing about traveling I really don’t like! In fact I dislike flying for a long time as well. Altough I travel a lot.. I hate not being able to walk around from time to time.. >.<

As we arrived we had lunch and changed our clothes to our beachwear.
The hotel was really beautiful! Unfortunately there weren’t any elevators so we had to walk lots of stairs..
But the hotel offered four different and very delicious restaurants.. so it wasn’t that bad that we had to walk a bit 😛


After that we bought an air mattress and that donut kinda thing and went swimming and tanning ate the private beach of the hotel.
..what we did almost everyday for the  rest of our holidays haha

Every night we changed the restaurant where we had dinner. My favorite one was the one where you got dishes like tapas. The menu card offered on every page tapas from another area of the world!
Once I had tacos and other spanish dishes and (of course as a sushi-addict) the other night sashimi and sushi plates! .

One night we took the hotel shuttle and let us drove to the nearest village next to our hotel. But we got deeply disappointed.. We had hoped for a more providing place instead of the one we had ahead us!
Only some tourist shops where you can buy the usual things like suncream and so on.. No cute aboriginal shops where you get local products or sweet souvenirs to take home with..
At the seafront there were lots of restaurants. But the clientele was only us and the other guests from our hotel.. but at least we enjoyed our dinner 😛
..and as every night a beautiful sunset!

When I go out with my family my father likes to get to know the inhabitants and the provincial town better.. Maybe we discover some hidden or secret places of interest. But unfortunatelly in this case he had no chance..

The other day my mother and I took a taxi and my father and sister took a bike to the harbor. From there we entered a ferry. After 15 minutes we crossed the ocean and arrived on a small island.
As we waited for our transport which should take us to an apparently nice and special restaurant next to a beach we had some drinks.
We accepted our transport with pleasure – a horse buggy rode us to the promised place! 🙂

But once again we got disappointed as we arrived. The beach was crowded with people and the restaurant was nothing outstanding as well.. So as soon as we finished eating we went back to our beautiful beach from the hotel..

I really do recommend our hotel Eagles Palace! The whole hotel area was great, everything was clean and the employees made a good job. The food and the daily sunsets were my favorites! 😛

Most of the time I was wearing my beloved sunnies from Misshamptons, and the beautiful espadrilles from Manebi.

Yours sincerly

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