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Since two weeks I’m back in Switzerland and I already miss the time in Mallorca!

We lived in a house right next to the beach in Alcudia, which we rent from a private family over airbnb.

Somedays, when we were too tired to drive to another beautiful beach, we just relaxed in the pool from the house.

Foto 5

One day we went shopping in a little city called Manacor. As we made a little break I had my first frozen yogurt ever! Now I could eat almost everyday one of them –  …also because they look sooo cute 😀

I can tell you, the frozen yogurt wasn’t the only thing which was delicious in Spain! We had everyday an incredible dinner, twice in a restaurant called IRU at the port of Pollença!

Foto 6this was our view in front of our house.. <3

On the 26th of July we spent our evening in the middle of Alcudia and by chance they celebrated a religious festival with a huge firework and lots of playback-music – we really had a great evening!

Foto 4Selfie-Time in Mallorca with my love <3 😛

Once my father, boyfriend and I had enough from the pool we took the car and drove around till we found a little but beautiful beach between some cliffs. Since then we spent our last three days only there.


( my sister got a new polaroid so I thought I could do some shots of the beach and then make a photo of the shots of the polaroid camera.. 🙂 )

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