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I´m going to show you some photos from my visit to The Polynesian Cultural Center. As it is not always sunny in Hawaii you need to know what else the island O´ahu offers you.
So normally I am not really into such tourist attractions but on that cloudy day, Nils and I decided to give it a try.

We booked the Ali Luau Tour over the official home-page including the night show and dinner which I can really recommend!

After the one-hour drive with the tour bus, we arrived in the north-eastern part of the island. We started by walking through the different areas/islands and watched some tutorials like how to make the purple bread made out of the taro plant or some local dances.

In the afternoon we went on that little boat tour on the artificial river as well as visited The Mormon Temple aka Laie-Hawaii-Temple by the little train provided.

For dinner, we got seated together with a 4 headed family at the same table. The Buffet was huge and the quality was superb! Normally you would not expect such a good service when thinking about 250 people will have dinner there. No chaos, no empty plates – never!

Before we entered the restaurant they took pictures of all visitors. We both did not want to buy it, so I tried to sneak a peek of the printing but the girl behind the table was faster.. 😛

My plate: Taro bread, ahi tuna, lomilomi salmon, shoyu chicken, pumpkin, salad and veggies.

As soon as everyone was sitting on their tables with full plates the night show was about to start. Again a really good performance from everybody in combination with some special effects of light and shadow. It was about the life of inhabitants of these islands. From how they grow up until the ceremony of their weddings.

All in all, we had a good time there. After dinner and the night show, we still had some time to kill but it was already too dark to walk around… So we just strolled through all the different souvenir shops and made fun of the different animal toys…


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