The past 12 months

Exactly one year ago I had to say goodbye to my family for almost half a year. The adventure was about to begin: The aircraft to Hawaii and California was waiting for me.

Who thought, one year later, I will have to do it exactly on the same day again?!

After my bilingual commercial apprenticeship in a Swiss bank, I continued working for almost two years.

In autumn 2016 I decided that this won‘t be the path which will make me happy for the rest of my life.

Therefore, I booked holidays and language schools abroad, bought the flight tickets and quit my job.

The first month I spent in O’ahu, Hawaii before I started studying for the CPE (Cambridge Proficiency, a language diploma) in San Diego as you‘d probably seen on my blog and Instagram as well.

Already before I left Switzerland, my BF and I were looking for universities I may like to study at when I get back. The result: Hospitality Management!

There are dozens of schools worldwide but only one challenged me the most – École Hôtelière de Lausanne.

It was not easy to go through all of the application steps and to get accepted but I made it into the February Intake 2018.

So what was the plan from July 2017 until February 2018?

A week after I got home from America we celebrated the yearly vineyard-cottage-festival. Since my father produces chardonnay we participate as well. Besides selling your wine you always prepare food too. In our case, we had Italian antipasti plates as well as sausages and pork steaks.

Then my family and I flew to England where we road tripped from London to Cornwall and back. Nature was amazing and we stayed at really cute places.

As we got back, we exchanged our warmer clothes to bikini, shirts, and shorts since we flew to Mallorca for two weeks to collect some vitamin sea. 😋

In August I had the chance to work in Vienna, Austria at The Ring Hotel where I collected my first experience in the hospitality sector as a receptionist.

One month of work done, after half a year of not really doing anything except enjoying life I went again to Mallorca for two weeks followed by a city trip to Barcelona.

In October my internship in the Swiss mountains at Hotel Schweizerhof Lenzerheide started. Not knowing anything of waitressing I led the smallest of our 5 restaurants by myself already on my first evening! So everything I know was and is still learning by doing.

In November I (finally) enjoyed a week in the UAE with my dad! Soaking up the sun in Rash al Khaimah with day trips to Dubai and Oman followed by a night in the desert in the beautiful Ritz Carlton Resort!

Back to work when the Cafe Bar got renovated and reopened in the beginning of December I had the pleasure to draw all the chalkboards! That was fun but a challenge as well since I normally do abstract paintings.

Also, later working behind the new bar was a very cool experience! Difficult, (since I do not drink Cocktails) until I knew how to mix them properly haha

The last 12 months were life changing for me and I‘d love to be able to repeat some of the experienced moments again.

I am thankful for my family which supports me in every decision I choose to take. I am thankful for my friends which are always there for me when I return home after a long journey (or even visit me, so we can conquer the adventures together) and still be able to talk to each other as if I never left!

It was a pleasure and honor to meet such incredible new friends on my way and I hope to stay connected with them for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, Hawaii and especially California will always stay in my heart and there will be no day, where I won‘t think about that experience!

And now – sitting in the passenger seat next to my BF driving with my new roomie to Lausanne where we will spend our next four years together with hundreds of motivated international hospitality students!

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