North Shore – O’ahu

Hi there dear readers,I’m really sorry for my lack of posting! I’m trying to keep it up more regularly by now.

Blog posts always take very long to be written down, to choose all the pictures and then to edit them as well.. My current job is not as easy compared to what I did before. So in my free time, I always try to catch up some sleep since I have very long working hours.

But today I’d like to show you some photos of our day trip to North Shore on O’ahu, Hawaii.

One day, Linda, Polina, Nils and I decided to rent a car for one day and drove to the northern part of the island.
Unfortunately it was a more or less a rainy day, but still, North Shore was the part of O’ahu I liked the most! To me, there you have the most of “islands vibes” compared to other parts!

Thanks for the rain to spot a rainbow on our way to North Shore

We even visited the Dole Plantation and got to see how the pineapples grow.

ALOHA from the Dole Plantation and their souvenir shops!

First stop at The Beet Box Cafe for our morning routine: eating acai boooowls (btw the best I’ve ever had!)

I love Hawaii because of their car plates too! How pretty!

Organic fruit shops are everywhere! Unfortunately veeery expenisve as everything else in Hawaii as well…

First attempt to visit the beach. Despite our luck to see some sunrays we still had a great time together.

Since North Shore is the place for everything cool and easy going the many walls got art on it. So, of course, we took the chance to shoot some pictures there! 😛

Even the popular Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck got endless signatures and paintings on it!

And fruit shops are everywhere.. I just mentioned; everywhere!

We ended our day by driving up a hill behind Honolulu. We stopped there and let the city lights inspire us for further adventures.

Take me back as soon as possible please. I miss you Hawaii!

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