Mermaid Tunnels and Papaoneone Beach

Hello again 🙋🏻

Today I’m going to show you guys some impressions from our trip to the Mermaid Tunnels and Papaoneone Beach!

As the weather stayed cloudy I did not feel like wearing short pants and a shirt while exploring the hidden Mermaid Tunnels. Due to the fact that I was still jet-lagged I haven’t been in the mood for wearing a bikini and going into the water between the tunnels. So I just took some pictures from above…

After a while I got curious enough to climb down a tunnel. That day we had low tide so I was able to stand on the dry seashells to see what happened down there!👀

inside the caves

Later on we drove to Papaoneone Beach. On the way I changed to shorter clothes as  I was trying to get some color on my white skin.. 👻

At the beach we had our lunch we bought on our way. In my case: Ahi Tuna Poké!♥️

Ahi Tuna Poké

After that we decided to climb the hill on our left. Actually it was forbidden to go there but we really wanted to have an overlook of the beach. I was so scared! Without any ropes and just with the help and support of each others we managed to reach the top and got a breathtaking view as a reward!🌊

ups we did it again..

slowly getting to the top

the view from the top to the LEFT

the view from the top to the RIGHT





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