Lyonnaise Weekend Getaway

Last November we spontaneously decided to leave for a little weekend getaway. And what’s a cute French city close to Lausanne/Geneva? – Lyon! So off we went…

On a Saturday morning, we packed a few things for a one night stay in the north of France and got ready for a one hour drive to Lyon.

We checked into the 5-star hotel called Boscolo and started our excursion!

Lucky us! Outside of our hotel, we found one of these super cool electric scooters we love. After setting up an account and “renting” the scooter for our day we drove to our first stop: Les Halles de Lyon A food court offering everything you can imagine, ranging from Italian antipasti to fresh French Seafood and crustaceans which we tried at Chez Antonin. 6 oysters each and white wine before it was even 11 o’clock, definitely not my usual breakfast but delicious nonetheless.

After that, passing by the local market as well as the street art exhibition next to the rive we decided to do some shopping in the city center.

In the afternoon we stopped by a cute little cafe for a coffee and cake before we went table hunting for an available restaurant in the evening. Please note: Lyon is very well-known for its gastronomy! Especially, Les Bouchons Lyonnaise. Since we decided to visit this city so spontaneous we did not think that we should have made a restaurant reservation at least already in the morning…

Desperate and hungry we finally found a table at a super touristy restaurant where – surprise – the food was nothing special…

The next morning we visited the viewpoint on a hill on top of Lyon. We got tickets for the funicular of Lyon and enjoyed the view from above! Luckily with some sun even! Also, the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière was very pretty to visit!

All in all, we had an amazing weekend and could forget the upcoming finals! However, next time we will definitely do some research and reservation on where to go foodwise! …and obviously take more pictures!

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