living in Hawaii and San Diego

Hi guys,

It’s been a while I know.. Once again I’ve been busy exploring new places.. 😊

Over a month ago I travelled from Switzerland to Hawaii. ✈️

I lived for three weeks on the beautiful island Oahu, more precisely at Waikiki Beach. 🌺

My private apartment was right next to the port and for me it had the best location and during the mornings on week days I had to go to school. I had a great time!

There were so many nice people I got the chance to know better. Lucky me – some of them I can call my friends now! 👯

My school, The Institute of Intensive English, was cool. Located in the middle of Waikiki and offering daily activities to beautiful places I had the chance to see as much as possible of Oahu! 🌎

At the moment I’m in San Diego and I’ll stay here for the next three months as I’m attending a language school in La Jolla.

Here I live with a very nice and friendly host family.

There’s a lot to tell you about all of my new experiences! However, I’ll give my best to show you my favorites within the following posts!

Enjoy ♥️


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