Koko Head Trail

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As you see, I started to like hiking in Hawaii since nature is breathtakingly amazing here on O’ahu and of course the sunny weather is a plus!
That day Polina and I decided to hike to the top of Koko Head. A Hike which will take you 1048 steps until you reach the peak of the crater.
Optimistic as we are, we bought fresh coconuts at the start to refresh ourselves.
The first 25 minutes were easy but then I started to feel how weak my legs got. I totally underestimated the length of this trail and as a result of not having eaten breakfast before ( ..I still can’t believe how foolish I was?!) I had to take a break and rest for some minutes.
And then, after 40 minutes, we FINALLY made it! An incredibly view welcomed us and I was speechless…
I felt so free in that very moment admiring the blue ocean and O’ahu.


the view to Koko Head from the parking lot

let’s do this -1048 steps to go!

enjoying the view with Polina


relax, breathe and enjoy what you observe

we have nothing to lose and a world to see

the view was great, time to head back now…

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