jewelry full of energy!

So lovelies, how’s life? Today I want to show you some beautiful jewelry which is full of different energy! Did you already hear about it? No? So here we go…

This energy-Jewelry is called “LiChaMe-Pendant”.
“Li” stands for the german word of love-heart (Liebesherz).
“Cha” for Chakres and “Me” for the energy symbol Merkaba.
They got a positive effect towards our body, our soul and our spirit!
Perfect support for the human as a whole.

Chakres are centers in our energy-system. Every LiChaMe-Pendant got special chakre-colors. The use of these different colors are for bringing our centers in harmony which has got a positive influence to our soul-life.

The special shape of these pendants is based on a hundred years old energy-symbol, the Merkaba. This symbol protects and vitalize us in a spiritual way.

All these pendants are handmade by the Praxis-Indlekofer. They are made of Swarovski-Pearls and Sterling-Silver.

Down below you can see the meanings of each color of the LiChaMe-Pendants. If I woke up your interst don’t hesitate to ckeck out the page of the Praxis-Indlekofer! For questions or some help by choosing the right pendant for you, you can always contact me or the founder of the pendants Sibylle Indlekofer!

My choice went to the LiChaMe-Pendant in gold.
Let me know which pendant matches with you the best?

  • LiChaMe, red (root-chakra)
    The will to live, safety, confidence, energy, vitality, motive force, fighting spirit and the will to win.
  • LiChaMe, orange (sacral-chakra)
    Sensuality, sexuality, reproduction, creativity, point of view in life and coming to terms with the past.
  • LiChaMe, gold-yellow (solar plexus-chakra)
    Happiness, power of volition, personality/character, relationship ability, gratitude, regulation of vital-ernergy.
  • LiChaMe, green (heart-chakra)
    Love, sympathy, humanity, affection, balance between love and volition, healing power and love life.
  • LiChaMe, light blue (neck-chakra)
    Communication, truth, inspiration, harmony in polarity and to regulate theconsciousness.
  • LiChaMe, dark blue (forehead-chakra)
    7th sense, intuition, diligence, widom, imagination, perception, ethic and the sense of beauty.
  • LiChaMe, purple (crown-chakra)
    Cosmic awareness, self-actualization, wisdom, perfection and harmony.
  • LiChaMe, colored (balance)
    If all the physical, mental and psychical functions are in accord, the harmony will be constant.
  • LiChaMe, gold (protection)
    It protects from bad vibes and aswell from energy loss.

LiChaMe-Pendants 3

shirt: Hollister
Necklace Pendant: LiChaMe, purple

LiChaMe-Pendants 6
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Bracelet Pendant: LiChaMe, red


shirt: “Love & Glory” Crop Top by Boutique Allegra
Necklace Pendant: LiChaMe, gold

LiChaMe-Pendants 5

Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Bracelet Pendant: LiChaMe, red

LiChaMe-Pendants 4

Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Bracelet Pendant: LiChaMe, red and gold

Have a nice sunday peeps ♥

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