Have you ever tried canoeing?

Me neither – until a few weeks ago!

In Hawaii I got to know lots of new friends. Polina, the one I got to know from the first day on, and I explored O’ahu together whenever we could!

After all, one day we wanted to go kayaking to marvel the setting sun. “Unfortunately” we ended up getting to know how to canoe.

Instead of a relaxed evening in a two seated kayak we got instructions from the president of the canoe club Hui Lanakila Honolulu. Then we were both separated in different canoes with five other people.

Ready, Set, GO!

We had to face 4 x 10 minutes races without any experience – it was sooo exhausting! And if we were about to stop paddeling because we were out of breath, the captain of the canoe cheared us on to continue!

However, we had an incredible and amazing sunset whilst giving our best in that discipline. All in all we had an unforgettable evening and lots of fun challenging ourselves!


learning how to paddle

waikiki’s skyline

forever the girl who’s seeking sunsets..

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