Citytrip to Copenhagen

So one of my best friends started working for SWISS as a flight attendant. As it was my birthday last Wednesday we decided to celebrate it in CPH.
Luckily we were able to book really spontaneously a cheap flight from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon as we flew “stand-by”.

After our arrival we took the train from the airport to Copenhagen City. From there we just walked about five minutes until we reached our hotel for the weekend. We stayed at the Cabinn City Hotel which was on a really goo location for us. We were able to walk in fifteen minutes to the shopping street Strøget or in twenty to Christiania, the hippie part of Copenhagen.

After having breakfast at 42raw we went for some shopping through the main street and visited the Christiansborg Castle. After a few hours we got tired and returned to our hotel for a nap.

acai bowls for breakfast and delicious fruit-smoothies <3

We enjoyed our delicious vegan dinner at Hafnia. Debi had a super yummy falafel sandwich whilst I had a mouthwatering quinoa-veggie-bowl. Together with the fruity smoothie and green tea our dinner was perfect!

We were really tired but it was still not time for sleeping. We therefore visited Cafe Katz which was located on our way home. It all ended in a chilly evening, talking and thinking about our past and our language exchanges in Montpellier, France and Paignton, England two years ago..

The next morning we walked another fifteen minutes to Vesterbro and enjoyed very nice breakfast at Bowl Market Copenhagen. Debi was craving something warm so her decision went to the Italian creamy risotto bowl with pickled mushrooms, whilst I had a super good and freshly made acai bowl!


After that we booked an Uber to get to The Little Mermaid. As we arrived we were quite disappointed as the statue was sooo small and not so spectacular as we expected it to be.. After shooting some pictures we walked along the ocean shore until we passed The Amalienborg Castle. There we were really lucky! It was just time for the guardians to replace with the new guards.

Then we walked through Nyhavn. The beautiful and colored houses impressed us a lot, they were so cute. As we needed a hot chocolate and a tea to warm ourselves up we stopped by the Mc Joy’s Pub.

We crossed the river and walked along The Pusher Street in Christiania. This was really stunning! Actually I’ve been a bit afraid of it, as the there were so many strange rules..

For our lunch break we visited The Street-Food-Hall. That was cool! Normally at street-food-festivals here in Switzerland, the street is crowded and you have such a loooong waiting time until you’re able to buy the food.. There all of this was no problem!

Debi ate a bunch of sweet potato fries and I tried a vegan ramen soup which was surprisingly delicious! Instead of the usual ramen-noodles they put zoodles (zucchini noodles) and soya-bean-noodles into the soup.

lovely ramen soup

By then it was already time for us to return to our hotel, pick up our luggage and get back to the airport.

It was a really nice weekend, thank you Debi! <3 

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