Citytrip to Copenhagen

So one of my best friends started working for SWISS as a flight attendant. As it was my birthday last Wednesday we decided to celebrate it in CPH.
Luckily we were able to book really spontaneously a cheap flight from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon as we flew “stand-by”.

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The Santai – luxury boutique hotel

Last but definitely not least we spent our last three days in our luxury accommodation The Santai.

The accommodation is more or less (depends on traffic of course) about 15 minutes away from Seminyak and Canggu in the tranquil vicinity of Umalas. The atmosphere there was very familiar. I think a lot of visitors come here for their honeymoon, a family vacation (as it has more than enough space and cool floats for the pool 😀 ) or just to relax in a quiet and beautiful location. Again, my boyfriend and were blessed as we knew we are going to stay in our own private villa for one more time. This time around however, the living room including a kitchen was bigger than ever (including participate in a private cooking class)!

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