Sunrise on Diamond Head

One morning Linda, Polina and I decided to watch the sunrise on top of Diamond Head.
So we met each other at 5 am in front of our school. From there we took an Uber. As we got closer to the state national park he dropped us off. From there we walked about 30 minutes until we reached the top. You‘d be fast if you go there at another time but for the sunrise, the trail was crowded!

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Rainforest Hike to Manoa Falls

Hi guys! 🙋🏻☀️

Here are some pictures from the rainforest hike I took in the south of  O’Ahu, Hawaii. 🌿From Waikiki it is only a half an hour ride by car until you reach the start. Unfortunately it rained that day and most of the time the sky was very cloudy.. Still we had a good time whilst walking to the Manoa Falls! 😊

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