Surfing in Zurich

At #URBANSURFZRH we discovered not only a super cool place to surf in Switzerland but also where you can enjoy delicious food & magic drinks with great company, served by the kindest staff!

If you ever crave to catch the next wave but find yourself miles away from the closest sea, look no further but experience Urbansurf in Zurich!

Last Saturday afternoon we got the chance to visit this super cool place within the Gerold Area in Zurich.
After our arrival and a quick introduction to the establishment, we found ourselves sipping on a magical, homemade ice tea that changes its colors just next to the big wave!

The vibe is great! Cool music is playing in the background, while you can prepare yourself for your upcoming ride. You can book a 30 minutes slot where you will be within a group of a maximum of 6 ppl. One after the other you get the chance to jump right in and show off your skills.

Oh, and the food!! Obviously, maaaany super yummy dishes and snacks are available: we tried the Urbansurf Plate (avocado and spicy hummus with falafel), the beef burger, a huge “all in heaven salad bowl”, and last but not least the crispy fish sticks.

What an experience!

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stuck in London

From Bali to London

Since I was about to leave Bali, I had to decide where I am going to finish my internship. The only options were places in Europe since I’d need a visa for any other countries.. Furthermore, I still wanted to be able to practice my English. What’s left? England!
And I ended up flying to cold and rainy London 😛

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