North Shore – O’ahu

Hi there dear readers,I’m really sorry for my lack of posting! I’m trying to keep it up more regularly by now.

Blog posts always take very long to be written down, to choose all the pictures and then to edit them as well.. My current job is not as easy compared to what I did before. So in my free time, I always try to catch up some sleep since I have very long working hours.

But today I’d like to show you some photos of our day trip to North Shore on O’ahu, Hawaii.

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Sunrise on Diamond Head

One morning Linda, Polina and I decided to watch the sunrise on top of Diamond Head.
So we met each other at 5 am in front of our school. From there we took an Uber. As we got closer to the state national park he dropped us off. From there we walked about 30 minutes until we reached the top. You‘d be fast if you go there at another time but for the sunrise, the trail was crowded!

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