Bali for a month and a half

All about my adventures and experiences of exploring, living and working in Bali for one month and a half.

As you may know, I am studying Hospitality Management in Switzerland. As part of my studies, we have to undertake a 6 months operational internship in the hospitality industry.

I‘ve visited Bali two years ago and fell in love with this island, the super friendly locals and expats, the cute and cozy cafes all over the places and the tropical vibe.

For my internship, I was looking on the one hand for a place where I can practice my English as well as experiencing another culture working wise. So why not trying to go to Bali?

To be honest, it really was not easy at all! I wrote around 40 applications until I finally got the opportunity to work within the amazing St. Regis Bali Resort!

But first – one week of relaxation

Before starting to work I had one week of holidays in which I spent half of it in Ubud at The Bali Shanti hotel. Of course, we visited the rice field terraces and tried out lots of yummy places and cafes.

Lucky me, I got to be the ambassador of Bali Foodguide! 😛

But the most incredible experience overall was the hike to Mount Batur! Getting up at 1 am to drive to the beginning of the mountain and then hiking up in the darkness with nothing but some barely working torch until the top for 4 hours was a challenge!

Nevertheless, the view of the sunrise was it all worth!

Next stop: Canggu! We stayed in the yoga and surf retreat The Chillhouse, where we enjoyed the best hospitality. Especially the daily breakfast was BOMB!

We didn‘t do a lot besides eating and relaxing :p We even gave Yoga a try once, but… nah 🙈
We rather went to another beach club to relax 😛

Moving to Nusa Dua / Bali from another perspective

Suddenly, the week of vacation was over and I was facing my first working day at The St. Regis Bali Resort!

The front office team, as well as everyone else, welcomed me heartily and I felt comfortable immediately. For me, one of the most crucial aspects when I‘m about to work in any new place. So thankful for that 🙏🏼

From the first day on I was fascinated by the prestige and luxury of this resort and by visiting the rooms my biggest wish was to stay in one of the gazebos instead of going back to work :p

On the 5th of August during dinner time, we experienced our first earthquake ever! The shaking lasted for at least 15 seconds, but for us, it felt like an eternity. I can‘t even explain how much fear I had at that moment, I was just shocked and couldn‘t believe what just happened.

Fortunately, we did not get hurt but my apartment got a crack in the ceiling..

We were hoping that this was the first and last shaking we had to face. Unfortunately, several other earthquakes followed. One, when we were chilling at a cliff/beach, within 5 minutes the beach was empty. Two during I was showering, and now tell me what the hell am I supposed to do then…? Another one woke me up while I was sleeping..
All resulted in having nightmares which still last until now.. and within every shaking, I have the urge to go out of the building to bring myself to a safe place.
So I decided to go back to Switzerland at the end of the month.

However, this led to enjoying and experiencing even more possible in such a short time!
Many smoothie bowls, mangoes, local Indonesian food, and Korean BBQ were on the menu.
Watching the sunset as many times as possible and my first (successful) attempt at surfing!
Joy – one of my workmates and now good friend, accompanied myself most of the time! ♥️

Many unforgettable memories were created during and besides work, thanks to every single human being who made my Bali experience as unique as they are!

I hope you all stay safe, ya!

Until we meet again 🦋


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